What a broad definition “women’s wellbeing” is – wonderfully unique and individual as we are? But there’s more to a generic term than meets the eye.  So very often the anxiety that we feel, the ache in our backs, in our bellies and in our hearts are not standalone symptoms. They can be a result of the complicated blending of our history, our lifestyle, our environment and so much more!

Complementary therapies can offer support with:

  • Difficulties surrounding menstruation
  • Fertility & preparing for conception
  • Menopause

And associated symptoms such as:

  • Anxiety, stress and/or depression
  • Sleep disruptions
  • Fatigue (and insomnia)
  • Easing aches and pains
  • Balancing hormones (useful for symptoms around menstruation or menopause)
  • Improving your circulation. (Moving oxygen and nutrients around your body)
  • Improving lymph flow. (Helping to disperse fluid retention and encourage the elimination of ‘toxins’ from your body)
  • Offering time and space to relax and just ‘be’.
Research into massage for dysmenorrhea (painful periods)


Idunn’s garden therapies offers tailored “Womb Wisdom” appointments (60 or 90 minutes), plus weekly and monthly packages.

Weekly packages enable you to attend very regularly as you move through your menstrual cycle and can be beneficial where symptoms are acute, or need a more focused approach.

The appointments are a blend of reflexology, massage therapy, aromathreapy, reiki and lifestyle support and advice.

When working holistically we need to give time for the body to come into a more natural balance – as such, I recommend a programme of at least 6 treatments (and offer packages to support this, including a huge discount on weekly appointments in order to make supporting you as accessible as I can!)

Prices and bookings are held on the secure Book.App site.  There are some savings to be had by booking a package and most treatments accrue ‘loyalty points’.


Unsure what to book? Options include a FREE wellbeing consultation (by telephone) to assist with planning the best treatment options for you.