Therapeutic massage holistically blends a range of massage modalities in order to create a treatment that works for your needs as an individual. This draws upon training in:

  • Swedish: the classic choice. Can incorporate hacking and cupping techniques.
  • Aromatherapy: usually considered a more gentle massage, designed to work in harmony with the tailored blends of essential oils used. I prefer to match the pressure and style to your needs. Any aromatherapy blend complements this.
  • Weleda Signature: based on anthroposophic principles and working upon the etheric as well as physical body.
  • Pregnancy: – to support you through this exciting time!
  • Postpartum: – to support your recovery post-birth.


Unsure what to book? Options include a FREE wellbeing consultation (by telephone) to assist with planning the best treatment options for you.

There are some savings to be had by booking a package and most treatments accrue ‘loyalty points’.

"Research suggests six weeks of therapeutic massage resulted in immediate and long-term improvements in postural stability and blood pressure, compared to a controlled condition." Sefton JM, Yara C, Berry JW (2012) Six weeks of massage therapy produces changes in balance, neurological and cardivascular measures in older persons.