Hi, I’m Nikki Wall.  Idunn’s Garden Therapies is an ongoing evolution of my practice as a complementary therapist with a passion for supporting women’s wellbeing.

As a woman, sister, mother and now grandmother, I know the importance of taking time for yourself, but also how crucial it is to access good support. This is why, since qualifying as a complimentary therapist, I have embarked on various professional development to ensure that I continue to improve upon the services I offer to you!


Idunn is the keeper of the apples of immortality that keep the Norse gods young and in good health.  She is a goddess of Spring and rejuvenation, and the energy she brings forth is entirely in keeping with the work that I do!

And garden? I’m a lover of plants (surely all aromatherapists are?) with an interest in herbalism and an increasing desire to build upon using materials and products sourced from the land around me.  Whilst my studio is not (yet) an actual garden (a dream of mine!) the way in which I work is very much as a gardener of wellbeing.  No manicured, regimented lawns from me, rather a weaving together of a polyculture of therapies designed to work in harmony with supporting you to find your own path towards balance (homeostasis).


  • VTCT Level 4 Complementary Therapies (ADipCT VTCT) – Advanced Reflexology (incl. pregnancy & postpartum; palliative care; facial reflexology); Advanced Massage techniques (remedial massage – soft tissue release, trigger point therapy and muscle energy techniques etc; pregnancy massage); Advanced Aromatherapy
  • VTCT Level 3 Complementary Therapies (HDipCT VTCT) – Swedish Massage, Reflexology (Feet & Hands) and Aromatherapy
  • Maternity Reflexology (Suzanne Enzer Maternity Consortium): Pre-Conception; Pregnancy (including First Trimester), Postnatal; Infant Reflexology; Endocrine (hormone) balancing; Reflexology Lymphatic Technique.
  • Advanced Facial Reflexology: Bergman Method Pregnancy Massage: Mama Baby Bliss – covering pregnancy, labour and postnatal massage
  • Facial Cupping: Ziggie Bergman​/London School of Reflexology
  • Zone Face Lift Ziggie Bergman​/London School of Reflexology
  • Indian Head Massage
  • Closing the Bones
  • Weleda Signature Massage: plus various in-house training with Weleda (eg over the counter natural medicines)
  • SAC Dip (Foot Health Practitioner – Advanced)
  • VTCT Level 2 Beauty Therapy (DipBT VTCT)


  • Pregnancy & Aromatherapy: Penny Price Academy – covering Pregnancy, Labour and Postnatal care​.